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The Votes Are In – Kalaty Wins!

Kalaty Rug was voted the #1 in the Hand Knotted Rug category in our recent poll..and with good reason!

With incomparable quality and numerous sizes in over 50 collections, this brand dominates the fine rug space, and stands the test of time!

The Natori Collection’s are designed to complement existing home offerings and accents. Founded in 1977, The House of Natori is one of the fashion industry’s most recognizable designer brands. Through weaving and color placement, each rug is a  work of art designed to enhance life in your home!


In the Dynasty are rug series, fashion icon Josie Natori showcases her distinctive East-meets-West design aesthetic through patterns that are bold and modern. Each rug is skillfully hand knotted of 100% wool.

In the Shangri-la rug series, Josie showcases the designs through subtle tonal colorations and geometric patterns.  Each rug is hand knotted in a Lori-Loom weave using 100% wool, or a Wool/Silkette blend.


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Nourison Timeless

This extraordinary collection of magnificent rugs is aptly named. Each design is truly timeless, based on superb originals dating back as far as the 15th century. Originally created to grace the palaces of ancient aristocracy and royalty, these remarkable artifacts now reside in outstanding private and museum collections. With the vision of Nourison’s talented designers and master craftsmen, they have been reinterpreted and reproduced to enhance today’s modern lifestyles. In depth of color, detail of design and pure artistry, the Timeless Collection recreates the opulence of the past for today’s discerning collectors.

80% Wool 20% Nylon. Pile height 3/8″ thick.



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Customer Testimonial for

I worked in the Executive Offices at the Macy’s here for 27 years.  You guys give the kind of service that Macy’s only dreams about.  You went above and beyond and then some.  I always felt like I was your only customer.  You treated my rug buying decision as though it were your own.  You had a sense of urgency to my needs but didn’t rush me.   In fact, I have to say I’ve never been treated so well in any type of retail/ service setting ever.  You guys are amazing!



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The importance of rug pads and padding to go with your rug!

Area Rug - rug pad.

Whenever you purchase an area rug for your home, you might think that you are done with the purchase. But many customers who purchase area rugs also ask whether or not they need rug padding to go with their new rug. Rug padding is not always necessary in certain situations, but it can be a good idea to go along with your initial purchase.

There are many reasons why rug pads are good ideas for area rugs. First, they can prolong the life of the rug itself. The rug pad will be a barrier between the rug and the floor beneath it. The area rug will not have as much wear because of the padding below. The back of the rug will not wear against the hardwood floor. The rug pad will take the stress and your rug will look nice for longer and last well.

Secondly, area rug pads can also help to protect your floors. Quality rugs protect floors themselves by helping to prevent dents, scratches and other incidents. But you can see a build up of dust underneath the rug. It`s somewhere you probably don`t think to clean that often. When that happens, the back of the rug can actually work with the dust to scratch the floor. Padding will prevent that from happening because it picks up dust and is softer than a rug back, so it will not scratch the floor surface.

Thirdly, rug pads are actually healthy for your home environment. The padding will help to create airflow under the rug, so the rug will actually be able to be cleaned and vacuumed more easily. That means that you will not have as much mold and mildew or other forms of bacteria growing in the rug. Rugs can often be washed in washing machines, but many owners don`t do that very often. Vacuuming is the first line of defense against dirt and dust and rug pads help that dirt to get sucked out of the rugs.

Rug pads should not harm any surface. Some people wonder if they will, because rubber pads can discolor floors over time. Check the material of the pads and make sure you get polyester fabric that is coated with high-grade vinyl and you will not have that issue, but you will have all of the benefits of a rug pad.

When you look into rug pads to go with your new area rugs, buy a pad that is at least one inch smaller on all sides than your rug. You will need this difference so that the rug can relax into the pad and so that the rug and the pad do not become tripping hazards throughout your house. If the pad is smaller than the rug, it will not stick out at the sides, which means it will look nicer. Rug pads come in a variety of sizes, but you may not be able to find just what you need. Pads, however, are easy to cut, so simply take a pair of scissors and create what you need to fit your rug. Rug pads are quite versatile, so if you have excess padding, use it between mattresses, under couch cushions, in your cabinets as liners and beneath furniture legs to prevent scratching or in a number of other places.

Once you have your rugs picked out, you will want to make sure they fit into the room well. Take a look at the current window hardware in your house and make sure the rugs match. These two accent pieces can work very well together.