Nourison Nourmak Dhurrie/Kelim/Soumak Navy Rug S163Nourison Nourmak Dhurrie/Kelim/Soumak Navy Rug S163

Nourison Nourmak Dhurrie/Kelim/Soumak Navy Rug S163Type: Dhurrie/Kelim/Soumak
Item: Rug
Manufacturer: Nourison
Country: China
Collection: Nourmak
SKU: S163
Fiber: Wool
Color: Navy

Discount: 5%

Link: Nourison S163 Area Rug


These rugs are made of high quality, long wearing wool. Emphasizing the worn look of a precious antique, with the strength and durability which only this unique process can deliver. Nourison’s exclusive jury of design professionals have combed archives, attics and historical sites in the cities of ancient Persia for inspiration. Historic vegetable and chrome dye formulas have been refined to create subtle colors, with ever changing hues and an interplay of light and shadow.

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